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Hey there!

Freaked AF about the pandemic? Wondering about the industry and if you’ll ever work again? Sweating your day job? Everything feeling out of your control? I hear you and I’m here for you. As an actor who’s also a resume expert and former recruiter I want to share some tools to help you create a resume that works. Whether you’re working toward being a full-time artist or eventually aiming for a career that’s not active right now (cultural, sports, events, the list goes on…), you probably still need a job, right? And if there is a job you feel you can do or a career you feel like you have transferable skills for, we can work with that, too. Together we’ll find a way to put it on paper so you can go get it.  

About Me

I started writing resumes and creating career plans in the 90’s at musical theatre conservatory. Back then, I was paid in cash, checks, bagels, Levi jeans and haircuts. Now I take more current forms of payment. 

In my recruiting days when I did resumes “officially,” I created resumes that popped in ways that made employers want to know more, capturing my clients’ essences and talents on 1-2 pages max. But really, since the mid-90s, I never stopped making resumes and being super-interested in helping people work in the fields they want to get into. It boils down to, I want employers to be as fascinated with you as I am. ‘Cause you’re awesome! 


Prior to working with Gladys, I could not get interviews for jobs that I knew I was qualified for. My resume did not seem to capture my skill set and how to best apply them. I kept having to settle for jobs I really did not want to do and had difficulty thriving in them because I knew I was meant to work elsewhere. The fit was not right. Then I reached out to Gladys to help me with my resume. She looked over my resume and we talked about my prior experience. She came up with the perfect way to showcase my skills and create multiple resumes to focus on different areas that I could go into. All I know is, I now have a job that I am truly happy with and working does not seem like a chore. Going above and beyond does not make me resentful because I am so happy to work everyday. Gladys is an amazing listener and patient. She hung in there with me when I was going through a difficult time. She is masterful at balancing business and the angst that people can go through when we are figuring out our lives.

D. S.


My theatre resume before working with Gladys was too cluttered and not concise. Since working with her, I have a new, aesthetically pleasing and clear resume that highlights my best credits and accomplishments, which helps display my career in the best light. I’ve been excited with the results and have been getting called in more for audition appointments when submitting for regional gigs and various projects. When it’s time to do some sprucing up, I will definitely hit Gladys up again! I totally recommend her services! Cp singer-actor, nyc



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