You know that yearning you’ve always had?

The one where you do the thing… get the high-powered job, leave the high-powered job, follow your heart and do something…


You do. I know you do.

Well, that’s what I do.

I help professional women who are bored to tears professionally and want to feel excited to go to work every day.

How, you ask? 

I’m Gladys, and I see way too many professional women settle.

Women who don’t like what they’re doing anymore or it just doesn’t resonate for them the way it used to… but they’re still slogging through because that’s the only way they can support their families or… not be a quitter.

That settling – it breaks my heart because there are a lot of ways to handle feelings of discontent in our careers, including doing things differently, changing jobs, or even moving to a new opportunity or industry altogether.


You think you can't do it?

Well, I say, YOU CAN.

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