As a coach and creative, I can help you recover and discover your sense of humor, perspective, creativity, and passion for life. My coaching has been described as a “warm hug,” a “dynamic blend of passion, knowledge and positive energy,” and both “inspired” and “inspiring.” I love helping overwhelmed women – be they executives (balancing work, life and Self), or creatives (also balancing work, life, and Self – not so different!) – and I am all in for my clients and have been since I started coaching in 2005. A Certified Professional Coach who is highly skilled at manifestation, co-creating life-changing transformations, and facilitating life and career transitions, I’m also an actor, writer, and producer. Current projects include the writing of two pilots and developing a short film for filming in 2022-23.

I believe in doing what you love and loving what you do, in life, in love, in every area. And I believe in magic and our ability to access it in our lives. And yes, it’s a little woo-woo. But don’t we all know about those perfect moments of synchronicity where things just fall into place? I love those – we all do – and all I do is figure out how to be in a headspace of noticing when those lovely moments and events happen around me and in my life.