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She has been mentoring and guiding me. Her precision, attention to detail, and unwavering support has been a blessing. She truly wants the best for her clients. She takes great pride in helping you harness your passions and creates a game plan for how to best go after them.


Community Engagement Professional

Gladys is an amazing listener and patient. She hung in there with me when I was going through a difficult time. She is masterful at balancing business and the angst that people can go through when we are figuring out our lives.

D. S.


I keep on having to raise my prices so I am not so busy! It’s amazing… it’s coming up to another increase again. You really helped me see a lot of stuff and you helped me realize that just what I imagined in myself was not all there was. You made me imagine a life that was bigger than what I thought I could do, a me that was bigger than I thought I was. You helped me imagine that and you helped me take other steps and dare to take some risks and that is amazing because I was so scared of life, scared of everything. And now I’m just so confident and I feel like I can do anything, I really do!



Working with Gladys was a joy for me… I was going through a stage of needing to reassess how I spend my time and how to determine what my purpose at this point in my life is [and]… finding what really is of value to me. Through Gladys’ positive encouragement and supportive questioning, I was able to release myself of some of the “shoulds” I carry and really begin to explore those things that give my life real joy. I left the sessions feeling inspired and worthwhile, with the weight of “shoulds” off my shoulders. Gladys is a good listener and an inspired, and inspiring, person to work with.


Educator, Coach

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