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Thank you!

I am so excited to work with you and help you make your resume and LinkedIn profile as attractive and compelling as possible. Thank you for this opportunity to help you and get to know you. We’ll do great things together.

I’ll be in touch soon with the first draft and we’ll go from there.


I keep on having to raise my prices so I am not so busy! It’s amazing… it’s coming up to another increase again. You really helped me see a lot of stuff and you helped me realize that just what I imagined in myself was not all there was. You made me imagine a life that was bigger than what I thought I could do, a me that was bigger than I thought I was. You helped me imagine that and you helped me take other steps and dare to take some risks and that is amazing because I was so scared of life, scared of everything. And now I’m just so confident and I feel like I can do anything, I really do!



After working backstage in theater for a long while, I realized that a gig-based career like the one I had as a technician was not for me. So I started working as a receptionist in a church and decided to go back to college. In that job I encountered people who needed more help than the church could provide, so I decided that my life’s work would be to help these people (homeless, ill, etc.). Even without a degree and with no prior experience, Gladys worked with me and made my resume into a skills-based (functional) one that got me noticed by my target agency. Not only did I get that job, I got a whopping 20% salary bump! Best investment I ever made in myself.


Social Services Assistant

I became one of [Gladys’] clients when I lost my job due to the pandemic. She has been mentoring and guiding me through the unchartered waters of trying to find a new job in the middle of a pandemic in the city that was originally hit the hardest in our country. Her precision, attention to detail, and unwavering support has been a blessing. Gladys has developed a structure to resume building that hones in on what you have achieved, what your transferable skills are, and then focuses on what your practical experiences are as well as your educational background. She not only provides her invaluable take on resume-building, but she mentors you on how to market yourself on social business platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, etc. Job hunting is a full-job and can feel like you are throwing a dart in the dark sometimes, but Gladys is always looking out for you. She is consistently sharing job postings and connections she thinks would suit you. Additionally, when I was in the middle of some demanding applications Gladys had my back whether it was 9AM or 9PM. She truly wants the best for her clients. She takes great pride in helping you harness your passions and creates a game plan for how to best go after them. She’ll always be in your corner and won’t stop until you have secured a desired job! 


Community Engagement Professional

Prior to working with Gladys, I could not get interviews for jobs that I knew I was qualified for. My resume did not seem to capture my skill set and how to best apply them. I kept having to settle for jobs I really did not want to do and had difficulty thriving in them because I knew I was meant to work elsewhere. The fit was not right. Then I reached out to Gladys to help me with my resume. She looked over my resume and we talked about my prior experience. She came up with the perfect way to showcase my skills and create multiple resumes to focus on different areas that I could go into. All I know is, I now have a job that I am truly happy with and working does not seem like a chore. Going above and beyond does not make me resentful because I am so happy to work everyday. Gladys is an amazing listener and patient. She hung in there with me when I was going through a difficult time. She is masterful at balancing business and the angst that people can go through when we are figuring out our lives.

D. S.


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